• By providing your email or phone number, you agree to be contacted by Reign Car Wash to help manage your account and provide you with important updates regarding services and promotions provided by Reign Car Wash. 
  • The Reign Car Wash unlimited plan is a monthly automatic subscription plan and will charge to the card on file for a single enrolled vehicle to receive unlimited washes at any Reign Car Wash location.  
  • The day you sign up is your “Effective Date”. We will auto charge every 30 days thereafter (the “Re-charge Date”). This monthly charge will typically take place on the Re-charge Date but occasionally the charge may process several days earlier or later. 
  • Unlimited Membership will remain in effect until the end of the billing cycle in which you give cancellation notice. Membership cancellations must be at least 5 days prior to the monthly recharge date (the “Notification Deadline”). 
  • You may cancel by visiting your wash location, by signing into your account online at www.reigncarwash.com (http://www.reigncarwash.com/), or by emailing info@reigncarwash.com.  You may NOT cancel via text message. 
  • You may continue to use your Reign Membership up until the end of your current 30-day billing cycle. 
  • No refunds or partial adjustments or credits will be given for cancellations after the membership cancellation Notification Deadline or because of temporary closure due to weather, holidays, equipment maintenance and upgrades
  • If the monthly charge is declined, Reign Car Wash reserves the right to retry the monthly charge for up to 10 days after the enrollment date. If the payment is declined, we reserve the right to terminate the membership.
  • Cash or Reign Car Wash Gift Cards cannot be accepted for automatic recharge plans.
  • If not using License Plate Reader, membership tag must be adhered to inside of window.
  • Membership tag may not be tampered with or used/transferred to a different vehicle.
  • Membership cannot be transferred.
  • Reign Car Wash reserves the right to modify or cancel Unlimited Wash plan(s) or Membership at any time. Monthly rate may increase without individual member notification from Reign Car Wash.
  • Membership is for personal use only. Commercial vehicles such as livery service vehicles, ride share vehicles and taxi cabs are not eligible.
  • We don’t want to, but we reserve the right to revoke membership for abuse, misuse or safety reasons as deemed by the Reign Team. Termination may take place with or without notice.
  • Reign Car Wash prices may vary by location.
  • Unlimited plans cannot be combined with other offers and promotions.  
  • Any unreported change of vehicle ownership will void membership.
  • Enrollment into the Reign Car Wash Unlimited plan is considered acceptance of The Terms and Conditions.



If you wish to cancel your monthly plan at anytime, simply notify us 5 days before your recharge date for the next month. You may continue to use your Reign Membership up until your current plan ends.